About Us

About Us

Core Values

JoPro values have been shaped for many years of delivering the finest construction services to our clients. They stood to the test of time and these principles remain our bedrock lynchpins. We never tried to cut on either quality, the pace of work or any other construction aspect. We stay true to our full promise of efficiency!


Our love for detailed, bullet-point preparations, as well as to open and clear project management and communication is what makes us faster than the competition. Recently we compared a technically similar building that we built and noticed the quality and design advancement including our excellence in scheduling and meeting deadlines.


Quality is focal in every little aspect of the construction. The mindset of both our senior employees and all the way to our on-site contractors and construction workers centers on attention. It’s our attention to details that allows us to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously while staying on schedule!

Construction Innovation

Like most industries, construction is not immune to digital disruption and we understand that basic technology and methods applied to a building has changed very little over the years. We are also aware of the best modern tools and how they can help in the construction process to meet the Clients expectation.

” Good Buildings Come From Good People


All Problems Are Solved By Good Design “

Stephen Gardiner

Executive managers

Findlay Johannson
Findlay Johannson
Findlay has been around construction his whole life. He comes from a long line of carpenters and was raised to build things the right way. He was taught to think ahead and consider how things effect the big picture.  Functional design and pleasing aesthetics are always at the front of the design build projects he has been involved in. North, South, East or West, there aren't many towns in Alberta that you can't find something either he or his family has built. He was building hotels with his brothers until the opportunity came to partner with Val and two sons to start JoPro Builders and begin a new adventure. ​​"How you do anything, is how you do everything"
Val Johannson
Val Johannson
Office Manager
Val jumped at the opportunity to start a family business with her husband and two sons. She comes with a background in both Real Estate and Bookkeeping. Val uses this knowledge now by looking after the Office Administration & Bookkeeping duties for JoPro to keep things moving along smoothly for us.   She also has another job, looking after the family and enjoying all the time she can with her grandchildren. "Treat others the way you want to be treated"
Tyrel Johannson
Tyrel Johannson
Project Estimator & Business Development
Tyrel started in construction out of High School but decided to try different business ventures for a while. He started his own sales business at 22 and lived in a variety of cites across Canada while expanding his knowledge of business and marketing. After moving back to Calgary to start a family with his wife Justine, he decided to get back into the construction industry and helped start up JoPro Builders. With a background in marketing and sales Tyrel has helped grow JoPro Builders client base while also learning the Estimating part of construction. "If at first you don't succeed, don't try skydiving"