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JoPro values have been shaped for many years of delivering the finest construction services to our clients. They stand the test of time and these principles remain our bedrock lynch pins. The project quality, the pace of work or any other contruction aspect. We stay true to our full promise of efficiency.


Quality is focal in every little aspect of the construction process. The mindset of both our senior employees and construction workers centers on attention to detail. It is precision that allows us to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously while staying on schedule.


Our love for detailed, bullet-point preparations, as well as to open and clear project management and communication is what makes us faster than the competition. Recently we compared a technically similar building that we built and noticed the quality and design advancement including our experience in scheduling and meeting deadlines.


Like most industries, construction is not immune to digital disruption and we understand that basic technology and methods applied to a building has changed very little over the years. We are also aware of the best modern tools and how they can help in the construction process to meet the clients expectations.

"Good buildings come from good people
all problems are solved by good design

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The Johannson name along with a professional attitude towards what we do was the basis of our name “JoPro”. Through many family generations of construction we pride ourselves on the ability to provide professional, organized and hardworking service which is evident in every project. After 40 years of being in the construction industry, the key to our business is the combined experience of our team, our ability to provide exceptional service and the drive to generate creative solutions on behalf of our clients. We love being involved early on with the initial building design and following it through to the interior finishes and furniture. As Construction Managers, we provide involvements and leadership throughout the process, resulting in a team based and cost effective approach to the final project delivery.

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Findlay Johannson

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Val Johannson

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Logan Johannson

Project Manager Logan@JoProBuilders.com

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