Building or renovating a Hotel is no easy feat for most, however, for JoPro we’ve already done that, so no complexity can scare us off the project.

For customers, their project is center stage for our team, as is our knowledge of their local community requirements, rather than being lost as a small part of national structure.

With a track record to be envied, JoPro Builders have continued to deliver a variety of hotels solutions. Whilst the sector continues to grow and develop, JoPro continues to accelerate its desire to be the contractor of choice from the luxury end of the market through to the popular, affordable family accommodation.

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Thank you so much for taking such care to look after this project. It looks wonderful and that is due in a large part to your personal engagement and professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Dawn Laurie, Design team for Ruth’s VLT Lounge
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